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Pre-thinking Your Way to a More Flexible Organization

What would you do if your best customer closed the account and went to your biggest competitor? (And no, jumping off a cliff is not an option!) Seriously, what would happen if your key suppliers suddenly tripled their prices? How would you respond if a new technology made your current business model obsolete overnight? What [...] Read more

Redefining Excellence for Today’s World

Thirty years ago, Tom Peters published an incredibly influential business book, In Search of Excellence. In it, he defined eight characteristics of excellent companies: a bias for action, staying close to the customer, autonomy and entrepreneurship, productivity through people, clear and compelling organizational values, focusing on what you do best, operating with a lean staff, [...] Read more

How to Be a Top 50 Innovator

FastCompany recently released its list of the world’s 50 most innovative companies. Many of the names on the list come as no surprise, especially the top three (Apple, Facebook, and Google). But what caught my attention was the diversity of companies and industries represented. Technology and Internet companies dominate the list (again, no surprise). But [...] Read more

Anti-innovation: 10 Proven Ways Not to Innovate

Success in business is a wonderful thing. But it’s also a double-edged sword. As companies experience success, their emphasis tends to shift to protecting and maintaining the status quo versus considering new opportunities and products. Unfortunately, clinging to what has worked in the past puts the brakes on innovation. It also puts you out of [...] Read more

Are You Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses?

Business leaders often see their organizations through rose-colored glasses. Find out how to get in touch with what’s really going on in your organization. Read more

Are You a Tourist or Resortist?

Whether on a billboard or inside your organization, language matters. Find out why the words you use can help make the difference between winning and settling for second best. Read more

Are You Bold?

Are you brave, valiant, valorous, audacious, and swashbuckling? Or are you timorous, trepid, faint-hearted, and pusillanimous? Find out how to be bold as you “go for the gold.” Read more

Are Your Employees Getting Happy Feet?

Here’s some interesting news. According to the Department of Labor, unemployment fell for a fourth month in a row. The current rate of 8.5% represents its lowest point at any time in the past three years. Leading indicators also show that the economy continues to grow. Granted, it isn’t creating jobs as quickly as we [...] Read more

The Winning Attitude Tipping Point

As business leaders, everything we do should focus on setting our organizations up to win. But we can’t do it all ourselves. Which means we also need to get our employees obsessive and relentless about winning – a task much easier said than done. If you’re struggling to build a winning attitude in your organization, [...] Read more

Time for a Strategic Planning Makeover

Are you still doing traditional strategic planning? If so, the time has come to put that sacred cow out to pasture and focus on strategic thinking. Otherwise, your business may not have the agility to keep up with today’s volatile markets. Read more