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10 Good Reasons Not to Trust Your Brain

The human brain is a marvelous tool. However, it was designed for a very different world than we currently live in. As a result, it retains many design flaws that do not serve us well, especially in today’s business world where new ways of thinking and ongoing innovation are essential for success. Perhaps the most […] Read more

Take the Innovation Self-Test

Ever wonder why some companies seem to effortlessly come out with one great innovation after another while others struggle to get even one new product or service out the door? There’s a reason for it. Innovation is a complex process that involves a lot more than just throwing money at an R&D department and hoping […] Read more

What NFL Refs Can Teach Us About Business Leadership

If you’re a football fan like me, you’re undoubtedly glad to see the return of the NFL referees. The replacements did their best, but there is nothing to compare to the skills and capabilities developed over significant time by the ‘official’ referees. Overall, the situation reinforces the importance – whether in sports or in business […] Read more

The Top 5 Things Employees Want (and Need!) to Hear from Management

Employees want good pay. They want to have some say in how they perform their jobs. They want to be treated fairly. And they want management to be consistent in word and deed. But if you really want a motivated, committed workforce, you’d better answer the five questions that every employee wants to know. 1. […] Read more

The Top 5 Leadership Skills for Sustained Innovation

Anyone can innovate once. But which leadership skills enable you to innovate on an ongoing basis? Read more

Strategy Ain’t What it Used to Be

Still doing strategic planning the same old way? Get with the new approach or get left behind! Read more

The Top 10 Ways to Dodge a Decision

Today’s hyper-fast business markets require making one decision after the other, often without pausing to fully think through the consequences. And as we all know, it only takes one bad decision to tick off your boss, sink a business, or even ruin your day. If the stress of making decisions has you bouncing off the […] Read more

Stop Slamming the Door on Innovation

People in your organization are killing innovation without even knowing it. Find out how, and what you can do about it. Read more

Winning Every Day

They say that we live in the Information Age. That may be true, but many days it just feels like the Distracted Age. From the time we get up in the morning until we lay our heads on the pillow at night, we’re bombarded with information from countless sources. Advertising, email, voice mail, texting, Twitter, […] Read more

Do You Have the Brain of An Olympian?

Citius, Altius, Fortius! The Summer Olympics are upon us. And over the next three weeks, more than 10,000 athletes from around the globe will do their best to go faster, higher and stronger. In the process, they will push the boundaries of what is currently considered humanly possible, and remind of us what can happen […] Read more