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Why We Often Do Stupid Stuff

Not long ago, Car and Driver Magazine conducted a test to compare normal driver braking times against “impaired” braking conditions, such as drinking, texting, or checking email while driving. The test involved a driver going 70 miles per hour (on a straight course) who was instructed to hit the brakes as soon as he saw [...] Read more

Did You Hear it Through the Grapevine?

Spring is here and life is bursting out at the seams! The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and people are hard at work getting their gardens ready for the growing season. Experienced gardeners know there’s more to just planting the seeds, laying down some mulch, and watering the soil. Creating the best environment [...] Read more

Tease Your Brain (It’s Good for You!)

To test your mental acuity, answer the following questions (no peeking at the answers!): Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name? A clerk at a butcher shop stands five feet ten inches tall and wears size 13 sneakers. What [...] Read more

Did You Confabulate Today?

Confabulate. Isn’t that a delightful word! The first time I heard it I thought it must be a sniglet, a term coined by comedian Rich Hall in the ˜80s. Loosely defined as “any word that isn’t in the dictionary but should be,” sniglets usually involve a clever play on two or more words to humorously [...] Read more

Coach or Manager: You Make the Call

Have you ever wondered why the head of a baseball team is called the manager and the head of a basketball team is called the coach? (These are the kinds of things I sometimes ponder on long airplane rides.) The answer has to do not just with the obvious differences between the two sports, but [...] Read more

Are There Hidden Gorillas in Your Markets?

We think we see a lot more of the world around us than we actually do. That’s just one of six illusions that profoundly influence our ability to lead organizations. Read more

Shake Up Your Thinking with Flash Foresight

Every once in a while a book comes along that really shakes up your thinking. I recently read such a book and then had the good fortune of sitting down and talking with the author. “Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible,” by Daniel Burrus, redefines what is possible in the [...] Read more

How to Let Your Creativity SOAR

Last week I talked about the first phase of the creative process (divergence), which consists of stimulating new thinking by diversifying and exploring. The second phase in the process is convergence, which involves refining and choosing the best possibilities from the ideas generated during the divergence phase. In today’s global economy, market opportunities abound. For [...] Read more

Need Some New Ideas? Consult your SWAMI!

The wise leader knows that creativity and innovation requires both inspiration and perspiration. To increase the flow of new ideas in your organization, try these five tips. Read more

How to Develop 5 Critical Thinking Types

Great leaders think strategically. They can understand and appreciate the current state as well as see possibilities. When dealing with today’s issues, they operate from a broad, long-term perspective rather than focusing only on short-term implications. And they can gather information and make decisions in a timely manner. Most of all, strategic leaders know how [...] Read more