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Employee Engagement: Creating It and Keeping It

Our current recession is good for one thing. Many companies are focusing on “employee engagement,” an approach to more consciously value and act on connecting with passionate employees who truly care about the company. With businesses failing at a record rate, who doesn’t want to convince nervous workers to remain calm and hang on through […] Read more

Are You Clear On Where You Are Going?

Creating Your Destination Statement: How to Get From Here to Where You Want to Go When Roger Bannister was attempting to become the first athlete to break the four-minute mile, all the “experts” told him it was impossible. Some even suggested he risked death by pushing his body beyond human limits. Of course, we now […] Read more

Do You Have the Right Stakeholders in Place to Profit from the Rebounding Economy?

With small signs of an economic recovery in sight, I have noticed many companies making preparations to shift back into high gear. But simply returning to old practices could extend the downturn if one’s business is not aligned with key stakeholders and their evolving needs. The recent economic turmoil has undoubtedly made customers, employees, suppliers […] Read more

How to Inform, Inspire and Engage Employees in Today’s World

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much some things change, others remain the same? The modern workplace has changed almost beyond recognition, yet, many companies still manage their employees as if we were in the 80’s. Twenty-five years ago, managers basically gave employees tasks to complete, providing only as much detail as needed […] Read more

Thinking Differently Around the Globe

I just spent four days in Shanghai, China working with one of my global clients. We were focused on supporting a group of key leaders and managers in thinking differently – to try new approaches to cut fixed costs from their multibillion dollar organization. I have now worked with this client in numerous locations around […] Read more

Tips for Making Decisions

Uncertainty has become a norm today. The world is moving at a pace that is hard for us to manage physiologically and the future is less predictable than we ever imagined it would be. Our history (including our successes) is less and less predictable. Based on these constantly changing conditions, how do we make timely […] Read more

Having a Heart Attack and Not Slowing Down

It was tough making a choice about my blog topic this week. Do I write about what we are seeing in leadership in the world today or what we are not seeing; do I provide more tips on thriving in a tough economy; do I offer guidance or a checklist on engaging your employees and […] Read more

Key Leadership and Management Messages

What are you saying and who are you saying it to? Remember that, in a void, employees will fill in the blanks with meaning and interpretation typically much worse than the truth! They will MSU (make stuff up). We are all quite good at it; interpreting body language, tone and inflection and often jumping straight […] Read more

Leading Effectively in Uncertainty

Tips for being aware, asking the right questions, and making timely decisions One of the few commonalities of almost every article, study or book about leadership is an agreement that self awareness is critical to be a great leader. Today, more than ever, it is important to understand what is driving you – what is […] Read more


What creates it & how do you maintain it today? Trust is the state of readiness for unguarded interaction with someone or something. Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. Trust is telling the truth, even when it is difficult, and being honest, authentic, and reliable in your dealings with customers […] Read more