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Keeping the Right Things Right in Front of Your Eyes

Sometimes the answers are right in front of our eyes and we still miss them! How can that be? Perhaps we’ve over looked, under appreciated or incorrectly assessed the situation. Whatever the case, we must remember that we are in control. One of my favorite quotations comes from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Things which matter [...] Read more

Surviving & Thriving in Tough Times

Over the past six weeks, I have written several blogs and appeared on quite a few radio programs to discuss effective ways of doing business, managing, and leading with excellence during these tough economic times. I also recently participated in a panel sponsored by California State University and the Chairmen’s Roundtable. Since this topic is [...] Read more

The Times: They Keep on Changing

Over 25 years ago, The One Minute Manager revolutionized the way leaders approached the art of managing. These days there is certainly no shortage of management books out there and many have asked me the motivation behind my own book, More Than A Minute. While consulting leaders across the globe, one thing became clear to [...] Read more

Career Tips for Business Women

Since 1928 Business and Professional Women/USA has sponsored National Business Women’s Week®. Each year during the third week of October, BPW/USA’s members across the country take the opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of working women everywhere. (And there are certainly a lot of us to honor and even more accomplishments to consider!) The [...] Read more

National Boss’ Day October 16th: How Does Your Boss Stack Up?

For those of you who don’t know, National Boss’ Day is tomorrow, October 16th.As an employee, I always thought boss’ day was every day and then I became one! Quickly I realized that the dream of propping your feet up and telling people what to do was exactly that – a dream! Being a boss [...] Read more

Turbulent Times Offer Hidden Opportunities for Leaders to Thrive

This past weekend we held the official More Than a Minute book launch party. It was extremely exciting for me to have such an incredible group of people there, demonstrating their support not only for the book but also for the actions I outline in it for leaders and managers today. As you can imagine, [...] Read more

Tips for Managers: Leading During Turbulent Times

In my last blog I mentioned how critical it is for leaders to stay focused during tough times but of course, this is much easier said than done. I suggest that you all take a moment to think back on this past week. Where did you spend a majority of your time? What were the [...] Read more

Effective Leadership Come Rain or Shine

Being a great leader in difficult economic times is certainly no small task. Whether it is the rising cost of fuel, the uncertainty of natural disasters or the turbulent stock market, it’s likely your industry will feel an impact regardless of the field you may be in. Lately, we have all been inundated with countless [...] Read more

Leadership and America’s Presidential Election

You’d probably have to be living underneath a rock not to understand what a huge election this will be for America. The President of the United States is arguably the most powerful leader in the world and all eyes are certainly on the nominees. Countless experts have already weighed in on the impact of each [...] Read more

What’s in Your Bubble?

During my presentations, I often speak about the ‘bubbles’ we create in our heads (Imagine, if you will, those thought bubbles floating over a comic character’s head). Like many of you, I am enthralled by what goes on in those very fascinating brains of ours. I use this ‘bubble’ language to further expand upon a [...] Read more