Custom Consulting for Today’s Chaotic Markets

Do you struggle to stay focused on the right opportunities for your business?
Are you tired of continually playing catch-up to the leaders in your market? Does your organization play to win, or just play to not lose and how do you know?

The current business environment is filled with possibilities, promise and potential. But in today’s hyper-paced markets, it takes new ways of thinking and working to focus, align and engage your organization for success.

Holly G. Green can help you address these critical success factors through customized consulting, training and coaching in the areas of:

  • Strategic agility
  • Developing winning teams and organizations
  • Innovation
  • Leadership development
  • And more

Her consulting services and programs are custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. And all are designed to produce lasting behavioral change that leads to sustainable improvements in people, performance and profits.

Turning Market Laggers Into Market Leaders

Based on years of hands-on leadership experience, including running two businesses, working as an employee for some of the world’s best and consulting to many more, Holly’s proven consulting process consists of three distinct phases:

  • Diagnose. Holly listens, observes, assesses and diagnoses the problems and challenges facing your company. She then adjusts her consulting process to fit the unique circumstances of your business and your market/industry.
  • Plan. Holly assists you in defining a clear and compelling definition of winning for your organization, including the establishment of specific, measurable, achievable goals for the consulting engagement.
  • Implement. Holly supports you in turning the plan into reality. This includes building breakthrough models, creating and implementing quarterly operational plans, coordinating supporting budgets, creating team and individual action plans, and cascading communications to align the organization.

Holly’s consulting services help you achieve the results you need to go from market lagger to maker leader, including:

  • Getting your entire organization focused on winning
  • Aligning all employees with your top strategic goals
  • Letting go of old ideas and ways of thinking that keep you stuck in the past
  • Developing new management processes that enable you to compete in today’s constantly changing markets
  • Developing a true culture of accountability
  • Achieving your strategic goals on a consistent basis
  • Driving new levels of performance and profits

If you’re ready to turn your most significant workplace challenges into real competitive advantages, call Holly at 858.401.9380 or email


“Holly Green is an exceptionally talented facilitator. Not only did she keep a diverse and ego-driven group like ours on track, but her strategic planning processes have helped to build the foundation for SDSI. I recommend her services to any company, big or small, that needs a push in the right direction.”
Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Famer

“Holly brought new ways of creating measurable results in our organization. She worked with our executive management team to drive innovation throughout our global culture, and helped us explore new ways of working and collaborating. I would highly recommend Holly, as she challenges an organization to become better at innovative thinking.”
Chris Humphrey, General Manager, Sperian

“Thank you for a truly enlightening experience! Your high energy and insightful process helped make our visioning retreat a real success. The retreat summary will be a great tool to help us gain clarity on our destination and create break-through models to get there.”
Rick Martinez, Vice President, Business Banking